Lucian Freud: Hotel Bedroom on tour!

Did you know…?

Our well-liked Lucian Freud painting, Hotel Bedroom, is being shown to a new audience all the way in London, UK!

Hotel Bedroom is on loan to the National Portrait Gallery for their exhibition, Lucian Freud: Portraits. The show opened on Thursday, and runs through May 27th.  [Exhibition link]

Interested in seeing the show yourself?

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is coordinating an art trip to London, April 23 to 30, that includes a tour of the exhibition with its curator!

Click here for more details, or contact us today! [Suivez ce lien pour les détails du voyage en francais]
Want to learn more? We’ve collected some of the reviews and press attention the exhibition and artist have received, after the jump.

Highlights and coverage

From the CBC:

8 images from the show, from the Guardian:

A neat look at tickets sales and the show’s popularity:

Videos from the BBC: and

A Telegraph article about Lady Caroline Blackwood (a subject in Hotel Bedroom, discussed in the article):


Review from The Guardian:

Review from The Telegraph:

Review from Seven Magazine:

Review from the Economist:


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