Behind the Masquerade: A Talk With the Lady In Charge

We’re all really excited here at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery for this year’s Masquerade inspired by Turner’s ‘The Fountain of Indolence’. To get a bit of an peek behind the scenes and into how it all came about, one of our interns caught up with Adda Mihailescu, our Art Educator and Manager of Public Programs, to talk about Gold, Gods and Glitter, our 2012 Masquerade happening February 18th.

BAG: Where did the idea of having an annual masquerade come from?

AM: We needed a fun way to use key artwork in our collection for fun events…. And show young people that they can party in the best Mardi Gras style right inside the Gallery!

BAG: What do you generally keep in mind when selecting the artwork for the masquerade?

AM: We started with the most easily recognized, Santiago El Grande, and also because it was coming back from its first exhibition outside the Gallery, in Atlanta, Georgia…. Then we had to find a well-known, celebrated work that looks like a party, and the Fountain of Indolence was a natural fit.

BAG: What attracted you to Turner’s Fountain of Indolence for this year’s theme?

AM: He’s one of the greatest artists ever, and because the painting The Fountain of Indolence just makes us think about how the gods must spend their partying days…. It’s just a beautiful, light-filled classical scene with nymphs, gods, cherubs and goldfish!

BAG: What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s event?

AM: The costumes!

BAG: Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect at the masquerade?

AM: Seeing the painting come alive…. I think we can expect an intriguing mix of decadence and elegance, beautiful music and creative costumes.  The gods would approve.

More events during our Turner-inspired weekend:

  • A dramatic reading of “The Castle of Indolence” will take place Thursday February the 16th at 7pm, in partnership with TNB. This poem is seen as an influence of Turner’s painting. Admission is free!
  • Friday the 17th at 7pm we have special guest speaker Dr. Anne Koval, Associate Professor of Art History at Mount Allison University, presenting a lecture entitled “All That Glitters Is Not Gold: J.M.W. Turner as Alchemist”. Admission to this event is also free.

About the Masquerade:

The masquerade party takes place Saturday, February 18 from 9:00pm – Midnight. Tickets are 30$; be sure to get your tickets now as last year was a sold out event!

The event will feature music by DJ Mizz Maxine, extraordinary face painting by Rusianne, an amusing photo booth with Dragon-fly Photography, a marvellous bar featuring  Fredericton’s elixir of the Gods, Picaroons Traditional Ales, and free admission to Boom! for a wild after party.

Contact the Front Desk at 458-2028 to buy your ticket today!
All proceeds help support the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s programming

For more details and discussion, continue to check our blog, Twitter (use the hash tag #GoldGodsGlitter), and Facebook as we get closer to the event!


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