Upcoming Lectures – A Brush with War

We have three upcoming lectures linked to A Brush with War, which opens September 26th:

– Lecture with Laura Brandon, curator of A Brush with War. Sunday, September 26th at 1:30pm

– Lecture with Susan Cahill on contemporary war art. Thursday, October 7th at 7:00 pm

– Lecture with Tim Cook on Lord Beaverbrook and war art. Thursday, October 28 at 7:00 pm

Thursday Night Art Classes – September and October

In September and October, artist Marc Leger will teach mixed media painting on a variety of surfaces: paper, wood, canvas…
Marc Leger is a mixed media artist.He is a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, where he worked for many years as a technician and instructor for the surface design studio.
Section 1: watercolor
Week 1 we will be looking at various techniques we can use to create interesting compositions.
Week 2 using objects or photographs we will begin our paintings employing some of the techniques learned in the previous week.
Week 3 we will be adding the finishing touches to our work and engage in discussion of our triumphs and hardships in the process.
Section 2: acrylic
Week 4 and 5 will be dedicated to the techniques of the medium.
Week 6 we will look at properly choosing and mixing colors.
Week 7 and 8 we will be painting.
Week 9 we ad our finishing touches and share our experiences.

Culture Crawl and The Calithumpians

During the Culture Crawl on September 2nd, check out the Calithumpians at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery!
6:00 PM: Music with Emily Bosse
7:00 PM: The Calithumpians: “Up the River”
1. Introduction
   (Fredericton-Raymond Souster)

2. The Old River (Wolastok)
   A) The legend of Malabeam and the Mohawk
   B) Sweet Maiden of Pasamoquoddy- James DeMIlle

3. The River as Economy
   A) River Song- Elizabeth Brewster
   B) The Log Driver”s Waltz (folk song)

4. The Poetic River
   A) By the River- Elizabeth Roberts Macdonald
   B) Back to the River St. John (song)

5. The Contemporary River
   A) St. John River- Alden Nowlan
   B) Song (TBA)

Notice of Street Closure / Avis de fermeture de rue

Please note that downtown Queen Street will be closed as far as Saint John Street until the end of September.  Westbound traffic on Waterloo Row to downtown will be diverted to King Street.  However, traffic to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and parking in front of the Gallery is permitted.  To leave the Gallery, markers will direct traffic back to King Street via Secretary’s Lane.

Veuillez noter que la rue Queen sera fermée jusqu’à la rue Saint John, d’ici la fin septembre.   La circulation sur Waterloo Row en direction ouest vers centre ville, sera déviée à la rue King.  Cependant, l’accès  à la Galerie d’Art Beaverbrook sera permis ainsi que le stationnement en face à la galerie.  Pour quitter le lieu, les indicateurs dirigeront les voitures vers la rue King via la rue Secretary’s Lane.

Beaverbrook Art Gallery Honours Artist Molly Lamb Bobak / La Galerie d’art Beaverbrook rend hommage à l’artiste Molly Lamb Bobak

Beaverbrook Art Gallery Honours Artist Molly Lamb Bobak
Beaverbrook Art Gallery celebrates Molly Lamb Bobak with a Tribute Gala event featuring a theatre, music, and art

La Galerie d’art Beaverbrook rend hommage à l’artiste
Molly Lamb Bobak

Lors d’un Gala-hommage, la Galerie d’art Beaverbrook fête Molly Lamb Bobak
avec des activités théâtrales, musicales, et artistiques

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